Day 1 of the Republican National Convention, Monday Sept. 1, is themed "Service," as in John McCain's "commitment forged in service to his country." (The other nights' themes: Reform; Prosperity; Peace.)

The scheduled speakers for that day announced so far are Joe Lieberman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, and George W. Bush.

Well, let's see now.... Two of those five were not eligible for US military service. The other three were all draftable for the Vietnam War. Lieberman never served in the military, having received first an educational deferment and then a family deferment. Cheney received five deferments and never served. Bush, of course, got into the Texas Air National Guard and was never deployed. 

Update: Oops -- it has been pointed out to me that of course women like Laura Bush were eligible for US military service. They were not drafted, but could certainly enlist. Laura did not. My bad. (Schwarzenegger, BTW, did a year of compulsory service in Austria.)

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