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"Carl" writes:

Kerry seems to be pushing pretty hard for Obama, really pulling out all the stops. Does this reflect his desire to leave the senate? What positions do you think Obama might appoint him to?

Any news on Teddy's health? How is the potential field of candidates shaping up for his seat -- are any pols openly ramping up campaign/fundraising efforts?

On the first question, the answer is: Secretary of State. There's also a possibility of Kerry as VP, but I think that's unlikely. If not State, possibly Defense.

On Kennedy, nobody is "openly" doing anything that would look too crass. I've heard that Martha Coakley's finance team has had discussions, and I'm sure plenty of others are privately laying out steps to take if and when the time comes. I ran through some of the possibilities in this article a few weeks ago. 

Thanks for the questions. Keep 'em coming! 

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