GOP: The Party For The (Early-To-Mid) 20th Century?

In my late-2006 essay on the coming Democratic ascendancy, I wrote the following about "Millennials":

There is strong reason to suspect that this will be the most solidly Democratic generation since the Progressive Era. That’s not because they’re a bunch of lefties; they aren’t. What they are is residents of 21st century America, a place where the Republican Party seems incredibly ill at ease.

Young adults needn’t hold a shared opinion about John Maynard Keynes to agree that 82-year-old Alaska Senator Ted “Tubes” Stevens shouldn’t be in charge of Internet regulation.

Admitted tech-illiterate John McCain isn't exactly the guy to undo that reputation for the GOP, as David Corn writes at CQPolitics. He asks whether America should elect a President who doesn't even know how to use a computer. Corn quotes a McCain online advisor who was recently asked that question, whose response included the ready-for-mocking phrase: "John McCain is aware of the Internet." (I believe the video is now making the rounds.)

On a somewhat related note... over at the Environmental "Protection" Agency, we have the latest on how the White House derailed the determination that greenhouse gases are indeed pollutants: they refused to open the emails informing them of the finding. 

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