Things NOT Overheard At The Mass Dems Convention

--Sure, O'Reilly is good on the issues, but can he match Kerry's record on constituent services?

--Spread the word: I'm hoping to get a job with Michael Flaherty's campaign.

--Who else here thinks the teachers' union is the problem?

--I think this will be just a minor blip in Marzilli's political career. 

--I've gotta say, Torkildsen really is going to make us work, with that powerhouse slate of candidates he's recruited. 

--Mmmm-mm! I am stuffed!

--So I said to Bobby DeLeo: Just take the earmarks for my district out, the principle means more to me than the funding.

--Really? There are gay delegates here? I'm surprised. 

--To me, the most important consideration is: Who has the better chance of beating Jeff Beatty?

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