New In The Phoenix -- Gay Marriage In California

In this week's issue of the Boston Phoenix -- out tomorrow, online now -- I write about the California Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage. I suggest that this is a much bigger development than people seem to think, judging by the relatively tame response. But this is not just a second state accepting gay marriage. It is quite possibly the turning point against unequal protection under the law on the basis of sexual orientation.

Oh, and someone should ask Obama and Clinton exactly what part of this ruling they disagree with.

The article is here:

California Matters: Massachusetts may have had gay marriage first, but California changes everything. Are Obama and Clinton listening?

You want to know one of many reasons why we can't afford to lose Teddy K? Compare Obama's and Clinton's statements on the California decision with what the old-timer released:

“I congratulate the California Supreme Court on its recognition that true equality demands that all people have the right to marry and form families.  Massachusetts has recognized the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry since 2004 and our experience has refuted the critics.  We only strengthen our society when we allow all our citizens to enter into a solemn commitment to share in life’s joys and difficulties.”

The new Phoenix has an editorial on the Liberal Lion. A Force: Never in his long career has Ted Kennedy been more vital or central to political life.

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