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In this week's issue of the Boston Phoenix, out today, I have two pieces in our special MBTA package. First, I look at the union negotiations that are finally nearing completion on a contract to succeed the one that ended two years ago -- and why this may only be the start of an even uglier cycle over the next contract. Then I examine the T's new effort to replace the groundwater it is leaking out from under Boston's buildings -- and why the laudable effort is still not enough.

Those interested in the T -- which I assume is pretty much everybody around these parts -- should check out the rest of the stories too.

The issue also carries an editorial on the subject, which includes the following line (surely not written by me because, as you know, I love everybody):

That is the real problem with the T — not the workers, not the managers, not the public support, but the dysfunction of our state government, whose leaders have yet to find an agency, department, or public authority they will not strangle of funds, bloat with patronage, subvert for misuse, or stymie in some petty power play.

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