Some Quick Hits

Writing nearly two years ago, I noted the gulf that needs to be bridged between the liberal blogosphere and certain traditional core Democratic constituencies, particularly labor. The continuing existence of that chasm was brightly on display today: unions demonstrated in support of Deval Patrick's casino plan, while progbloggers (as I like to call them -- why has this not caught on?) continued to rail against them.

What a day: Obama speaks frankly about race and religion in America, and David Paterson speaks frankly about his and his wife's affairs.

The Chicago Transit Authority is recruiting ordinary riders as "mystery shoppers" to report on conditions and needed repairs. Silly Chicagoans -- Bostonians don't wait to be asked!

The Charlie Sheen connection has to be the most predictable aspect of the Spitzer scandal.

And finally, State House News Service just sent out an item with the headline: CLARIFICATION/CORRECTION - TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 2007. Well, at least they got the day of the week right. D'oh!

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