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"Benny" writes:

Any insight on the Walsh senate seat race? Who's going to run, and who's got the best shot?

This all assumes that Marian Walsh gets her judgeship, which certainly seems like a done deal from what I've been told by insiders for some time now. Most people I've talked to agree that there's room for one Boston pol and one Dedham or Norwood pol in the race; city councilor John Tobin's pulling papers to prepare for a run may be a signal to Rep. Michael Rush and councilor Rob Consalvo that he's planning to claim the Boston spot. From outside Boston, I'm hearing a lot about Jerry Kelleher of Norwood; John Rogers is unlikely, but who knows.

I'm hard-pressed to predict this one yet, especially not knowing who else might jump in from Norwood or Dedham. But I do think that Tobin would have a great shot at it -- and I will go out on a limb and predict the winner of the election to replace him on the City Council, should that happen: Matt O'Malley. (Although to be sure, it would be a hotly contested race.)

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