Today's Best Of Mitt -- Creepiest Image EVER?

Unless I'm mistaken, the Mittster does radio today with ardent Romneyphile Hugh Hewitt, whose show airs at 6:00pm on WTTT 1150. Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

Rudy Giuliani has a new ad up in which he swears that he holds unreasonable views on illegal immigration; so Romney is distributing video evidence that Giuliani used to hold reasonable views on illegal immigration. Gotcha!

Don't miss this exciting live event! says Team Romney of a videocast scheduled for Wednesday.

And finally, the weirdest, creepiest, Romney thing I have yet laid eyes upon. One of Romney's sons put six Tshirt designs on the "Five Brothers" blog and let commenters vote. The winner is an obvious Che Guevara homage that, to my eyes, looks like a Romnified perversion of the once-ubiquitous Andre the Giant image. Judge for yourself. If you dare!


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