Ted K's "Secret Love Child" Sues

You may recall a brief flurry of gossip, nearly two years ago, that our own Senator Edward Kennedy had a secret love child, fathered 20 years earlier. That alleged love-child, and love-mother, are both residents of East Sandwich, and today they filed a lawsuit in Boston's federal court against the National Enquirer, which "broke" the story in February 2006.

That's the plaintiffs on the cover, identified with the labels "Secret Son" and "Lover." The article claims that Secret Mom received cash payments, plus a Mustang convertible and a pure-bred Shar-Pei for keeping Ted's paternity secret. It also says that a paternity test confirmed that Ted was Secret Father. Scandalous!

The story made the national and international rounds for a while, particularly among the Kennedy-bashing conservatives. It also made it into most of the local area mainstream media, including the Boston Herald. As the lawsuit points out, Howie Carr had a field day on his radio show.

According to the plaintiffs, the Enquirer's story is, shall we say, not entirely true -- or more accurately, entirely false. They're suing for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and other counts.

BTW, it's looking like maybe Natalee wasn't really sold as a sex slave either. And Bobby & Whitney didn't divorce until much later. On the other hand, I believe that Star Jones turns out to really have had gastric-bypass surgery, so not everything on that cover was wrong!

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