Who Goes To Washington?

I'm afraid I don't have much of a read on the big 5th CD election today. Apparently turnout has been light in the Merrimack Valley, where you would expect Niki to have the most trade in name recognition, and heavy in Chelmsford and Concord, which are typically a little more conservative. But then again, those northern cities harbour a lot of immigration resentment (people will tell you to your face that the Latinos have ruined Lawrence), so maybe low turnout up there is a sign that the issue isn't motivating people to the polls, as Ogonowski hopes. And Concord's Democrats are very motivated Tsongas voters, so maybe they're responsible for the high turnout there. Who knows?

Quick observation: why in the world is Mass. GOP execdirector Rob Willington blogging and posting photos today on HubPolitics, rather than the spiffy new MassGOP site or BlOgonowski? Has the Margolis brothers' site become an official outpost of the state party? Why? I can imagine quite a few committee members would be pretty unhappy about that.

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