Who Sucks More, Bush Or Congress?

Jim Ogonowski very pointedly wanted to contrast his morning-after -- a regular guy thanking his volunteers -- with Niki Tsongas's -- an establishment insider toasting with her fellow Washington elites. I couldn't be at either event, but here are some excerpts from Jim's remarks, provided to me by his staff.
Niki is a nice person, I like her and I know she means well, but let's face it; she represents more of the same tired Washington that continues to fail us.... [W]e should not send someone to Washington who thinks a broken system works. If we keep sending politicians to Washington, then we will get the same results....

This afternoon, you will see my opponent standing with other politicians.... Funny how politicians flock together, endorse each other, kiss each other on the cheek and go about the job of politics.... I want the endorsement of regular people because that is who I want to represent in Congress....

I've heard Niki Tsongas say that it is the Republicans in Congress that have failed.... Yes, the President and Republicans in Congress have failed us, but so have the Democrats in Congress. In fact, our government has let us down.... We have to end partisan bickering and attacks. The American people are tired of it and they are demanding change....

You will hear the other side talk a lot about George Bush. They are going to try and make this election about the President... but this election is not about George Bush -- it's not about one individual. This is about the future of the 5th District and the future of America. This election is about a broken congress that has continued to fail us....

It's time we return the government to the people. Patriotism before partisanship. People before politics. This is government the way it's supposed to be.
With national polls showing Congressional approval ratings hovering in the low 20s -- lower even than Bush's -- Ogo's Congress-bashing could at least blunt the effect of Tsongas's Bush Bogeyman. From there, the race might have to be decided on -- Gasp! No! -- the issues.

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