Warming Disbelievers Prefer Romney?

Romney gets a nice boost from a new Survey USA poll of likely New Hampshire primary voters, conducted for WBZ-TV. For the first time that I know of, he's shown in first place: Romney 32%, Giuliani 23%, McCain 22%, F. Thompson 11%.

I guess Tagg was right -- he did win the debate.

I couldn't help noticing one of the break-outs. Romney is in a statistical three-way tie among those who think Global Warming is real -- which is just over half of the Republicans surveyed. Among those who believe that global warming is "made-up" (that's the wording in the survey's column header), Romney crushes the competition 37/18/16.

Of course, Romney was once very much in favor of taking steps to combat the coming effects of global warming. But now his competition consists of McCain, who is practically a genuine environmentalist on the issue, and Giuliani, who has publicly acknowledged that global warming is legit.

And did I mention that nearly half of likely NH GOP voters think it's made-up?

As Presidential candidate, Romney has developed roughly the following policy stance: "Whether or not it's real -- which is a question I'll chew my foot off to avoid answering -- we should do something to combat global warming, perhaps including reduction of CO2 emissions. But we should do nothing to harm businesses, the way radical Democratic scare-mongers want to. Oh, and Al Gore sucks!"

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