Thoughts on the GOP Debate

--On a stage of aging, white, conservative curmudgeons, Mitt Romney stood out as looking least like your cranky uncle who you can't stand. (It's especially fun to hear these sour-pussed grousers repeatedly invoke the importance of Ronald Reagan's optimism, which, apparently, cures all that ails ya'.) But bear in mind that Republicans have no problem nominating miserable, aging cranks. They tend toward Bob Dole, not Jack Kemp.

--To me, Romney came across a little desperate insisting that he really would hunt down Osama bin-Laden and kill him, despite what he said the other day about it not being worth the effort. Romney: I swear, I'll kill him! Kill! Kill! Kill!

--When asked directly, Romney swears he really is proud of the Massachusetts health care plan. Unfortunately, none of the other candidates spoke on the topic.

--Where's the power of the Christian Right when seven of 10 Republican Presidential candidates believe in evolution?

--And where's the power of the business conservatives, when the Republican Presidential candidates want to dramatically limit the access to cheap immigrant labor?

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