Senate '08 Watch: Pick-up In Virginia?

Political Wire directs us to this C-Ville column rumor-mongering more forcefully than all the rumor-mongering that precedes it, that Republican veteran John Warner is going to call it quits and not run for re-election to the US Senate in Virginia.

And, as has also been much rumor-mongered, columnist Dan Catalano predicts that US Rep Tom Davis will run to replace him. Catalano hedges on whether former Va. governor -- and former '08 Presidential aspirant -- Mark Warner will run for the Democrats. I predict that he will if John W really is retiring, which I suspect is true.

And I further predict that Mark W. will whup Tom Davis from Cumberland Gap to the Chesapeake Bay and back again.

Congressman Davis, BTW, was the chair (and is now ranking minority member) of the Government Oversight Committee, which is now doing such prominent work poking under the Bush Administration's moldy rocks. You'll recall all of the oversight that the committee did under Davis, to keep the administration from wasting money, running incompetent agencies, hiring political cronies, handing out money without competitive bids, and keeping secrets about its operations. Oh, that's right, Davis did nothing to prevent or expose any of that.

Virginia is never an easy win for a Democrat, but I just don't see the state that elected Senator Jim Webb in '06 going for a Bush lapdog in '08.

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