Boston's Not So Bad

Sometimes, to appreciate your own local politics, it helps to take a look at what's happening in other cities. For your edification as we head to the weekend, here are a few examples I came across today:

Houston -- State senator boycotts invocation given in the chamber by a Muslim cleric, then takes to the floor in praise of religious tolerance.

Memphis -- Former state senator caught on tape allegedly taking bribes claims they were consulting fees; judge disagrees.

Mesa -- A county inspector gets caught on tape asking a construction company for a $2000 bribe to drop pollution complaints.

Miami -- Several sex offenders are living under a bridge, with their parole officers' knowledge and permission, because they can't find anywhere to live that satisfies the new county laws. Children play nearby when a reporter visits.

New Orleans -- City coucilor pulled over doing 100mph, yells at trooper "Do you know who I am?" and says she has the authority to do whatever she wants to.

Raleigh -- State legislators feuding over second attempt to pass "official state food festival" proclamation, as eastern part of state refuses to acknowledge western part of state's concoction as "barbeque."

St. Louis -- State representative files bill to restrict baking soda sales to behind pharmacy counters, because it is used in producing crack cocaine.

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