Linc Launches Blog Site

Following in a long, unsuccessful line that includes Bill Weld, Pete Wilson, and Christie Todd Whitman, Rhode Island's own ex-Senator Lincoln Chafee is trying to reclaim conservatism for the Republican Party's moderates. Good luck.

Linc is launching a new Web site from which to launch this effort, at a url he bought (for an unspecified but quite generous sum, according to a note left by the seller on the site) from an ultra-conservative blogger -- who Chafee sweetly refers to as a "huckster," one of the many like Rush Limbaugh who have "filled your heads with lies about conservatism."

Chafee, you might recall, nearly lost his primary last year because he is too moderate for the GOP, and then lost the general because the GOP is too conservative for Little Rhody.

This weekend, the site suddenly switched over, with the following welcome from the former Senator:

Hello everybody! It's me, former Senator Lincoln Chafee here. After I lost my re-election, I realized that it was because a lot of you people don't really understand what conservatism is all about -- and it's not your fault that you don't get it.

Chafee goes on to say that the site will define and promote true Compassionate Conservatism, with blogging by five of his staffers, and guest commentary from folks like David Brooks, Christopher Shays, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Andrew Sullivan, and Chuck Hagel. Whether anyone will be reading remains to be seen.

Update:Yes, it's an April Fool's joke. And sadly, if you missed it Sunday, it's gone.

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