Obama's Gay Problem?

In the aftermath of General Pace's recent offensive comments, the leading Democratic Presidential candidates aren't exactly leaping to don any rainbow shawls. First Hillary flubbed it. Now this, from Newsday's Glenn Thrush, guest posting on the Chicago Tribune's political blog:

Newsday caught Obama as he was leaving the firefighters convention and asked him three times if he thought homosexuality is immoral.

Answer 1: "I think traditionally the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman has restricted his public comments to military matters. That's probably a good tradition to follow."

Answer 2: "I think the question here is whether somebody is willing to sacrifice for their country, should they be able to if they're doing all the things that should be done."

Answer 3: Signed autograph, posed for snapshot, jumped athletically into town car.

Update: Obama and Clinton have both released statements saying that of course what they meant to say is that homosexuality is not immoral.
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