Diane Patrick

I really have little to say at this point, other than to wish Mrs. Patrick and the entire family well.

It's important to seperate the two stories here. One is the health of Diane Patrick, which is a private matter, albeit one that we are all, understandably, extremely interested in. She's a public figure (in the celebrity, not official sense of the term), so naturally our empathy drives our curiosity to know everything about what she's going through. But, the Patrick family is under no obligation to feed that curiosity, and should do so under its own terms and judgment.

The second story is the announcement that the governor will be cutting back his work schedule. That's obviously a public matter, and one that does require some explanation and discussion. And, I'm sure that will be forthcoming as the governor and his staff work it out.

So, what I'm saying is that I have nothing really to say at this point, but I thought I should at least say that I have nothing to say. So, that's what I'm saying.

Update: Despite having little to say, I will be on Greater Boston tonight talking about it.

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