The Deval Call, Day 2

Today the state GOP asked the state Ethics Commission to look into Deval's Citigroup call. (Have I mentioned that so far I like the new Mass GOP under Torky? The way they're handling the Patrick miscues, including this one, is SO much better than they ever would have.) Meanwhile Patrick spoke to reporters this morning to ask his supporters to please "don't give up on me."

My first observation is that you've got to feel bad for poor Timmy Murray, thrown in front of the media to defend "the call" yesterday, only to see his boss turn around and admit that the call was indefensible. The Governor owes him one.

More importantly: what's up with Patrick refusing to speak to Frank Phillips, and having his press secretary answer questions with a "we'll just stand by our statement," but calling columnist Eileen McNamara to explain himself? That's bogus with a capital B. Let me guess: if necessary, Patrick will offer further explanation in his weekly podcast, or on a blog post, or over dinner with Brian McCrory -- anything but take questions from the journalist who reported the story.

Then there's this from today's press encounter, from Lisa Wangsness's account: "This morning, Patrick sidestepped a question about whether he realized at the time that it was wrong to make the call on behalf of Ameriquest or whether it never occurred to him that his efforts for a company that does significant business with the state would be inappropriate. Patrick would say only that he had learned from the mistake."

That is one of several questions that I -- and many others in the state -- would like an answer to. And I dare say that the actual reporter of the story probably has some questions that I don't even know to ask. Patrick should answer the questions, or explain why he's not going to answer them.

Patrick should sit down for an interview with Phillips, period.

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