Quick Romney items

--Someone's not doing their job: Day 3, and Mitt Romney’s exploratory campaign committee comes up 15th on a google search for either 'Mitt Romney' or 'Mitt Romney 2008.'

--Reports of Romney making an official announcement of his candidacy next week, perhaps on the 9th, has been replaced with reports that the official announcement will happen next month.

--Romney supporters need to be made aware of copyright law…..

--Mitt has not yet taken a stand on the rumored troop surge strategy for Iraq, but one of his key foreign-policy advisors now has. Dan Senor, who was a Baghdad-based advisor for Bush during the war’s first year, co-authored an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal (subscription, sorry) with policy suggestions. It calls 10,000-15,000 more troops a “half measure,” and recommends “erring on the side of more troops, not fewer.” (BTW, reports that Senor has taken a paid position with Romney are incorrect -- perhaps such a position would cause a problem for his new wife.)

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