Watching DevalPatrickWatch

I’ve been looking forward to the Margolis twins’ launch of the DevalPatrickWatch site, in much the same way that fans of epicly bad movies eagerly anticipated “Battlefield Earth.” They do not disappoint: on its first day, the site has already declared Patrick “unfit to take the oath.” Mercy!

Aaron and Matt Margolis are young conservative bloggers, familiar in these parts for their Hub Politics site. They also run or contribute to quite a few others, local and national, and Matt has co-authored a book detailing the corruption of the country’s leading Democrats, due out soon from the outfit that also published the Minutemen founder’s book and the “Help! Mom!” series of anti-liberal children’s books. Margolis’s forthcoming tome is so good, corruption expert Tom DeLay endorsed it as “a must read for all Americans” -- two months before the authors finished writing it!

Deval-bashing is apparently more than a two-man job, so they have added local conservative blogger Devone Tucker. Tucker has not previously struck me as the Margolises’ kind of rabid Patrick-basher; he is, however, quite possibly the only 29-year-old black man in the Boston area to list Billy Joel first under “Favorite Music” on his Friendster page.

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