According to reports, the legislature today reconvened the Constitutional Convention, picking up where they postponed, and voted on the same-sex marriage ban. It passed easily, and moves on to the 2008 ConCon, where it must face another vote.

This was predicted by me back on the 27th, before the SJC ruling, as you can scroll down and see for yourself.

I'm not bragging here, just pointing out that, despite the general public perception, the legislature never actually refused to vote on the thing. And, as far as I was ever able to ascertain, there was never a serious chance of them doing so. Insiders had told me they expected a vote. And off the top of my head, I don't know of anyone closely involved who ever said that they thought the legislature would not ultimately vote. (Although feel free to prove me wrong.)

The SJC's clarification of the legislature's obligation to vote was helpful, but I don't see that it had anything to do with Trav's decision to hold the vote.

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