Granny D endorses for '08

Fans of the legendary Granny D will want to know that she has endorsed former Senator Mike Gravel for President. Sure, it's early in the campaign, but when you're 96 you don't put things off, you know?

Gravel, who was Senator from Alaska many years ago, has pretty much camped out in New Hampshire since declaring his long-shot candidacy in April. Granny D, as many of you know, once walked coast-to-coast to protest the influence of big money in politics. Her subsequent campaign for US Senate was covered by my colleague Adam Reilly.

Gravel, by the way, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts. He's really, really unhappy with the Iraq War, wants universal single-payer health care, and wants to replace the IRS with a national sales tax. (That last one kinda whacks you, huh? It's like Kucinich, Kucinich, Kucinich, wham! - Steve Forbes!) Learn more at his campaign web site.

[David S. Bernstein]

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