Where's Romney on the ISG?

I realize that everyone's lathered up about Romney's 1994 "I Heart Gays" letter, but there's another little thing he missed while touring Asia: the release of the Iraq Study Group report.

This has quickly become extremely divisive among Republicans, who almost all seem to reject the ISG report, but in different ways. McCain, of course, has staked out the "send in more troops" position, so Romney can't go there now. Romney, to this point, has pretty much offered a "what W. says, but less incompetently" strategy, which has served just fine. But, no more.

I think Romney needs to speak up about what he would do with Iraq soon, or else lose a lot of credibility on the right. My guess is that he will start by following this lead, ie, focusing on how we should not negotiate with the evil Iranians and Syrians.

[David S. Bernstein]

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