'06 fallout on '08 begins

[by David S. Bernstein]

I take Russ Feingold at his word, that his decision to forego a 2008 Presidential campaign was based on the greater good he can now do in the Democratic-controlled US Senate. Being a majority-party US Senator is a pretty good gig.

Will other senators think likewise? Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Christopher Dodd, Joe Biden, and Evan Bayh have all made sure their names are in the '08 picture. Did last Tuesday change their calculations too?

My guess is that Biden, who is in line to be chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, might decide that a Presidential run will take him away from Washington when he could be holding hearings. Dodd could also decide to focus on his senatorial duties.

Of course, around here all eyes are on the junior senator from Massachusetts. If the senate turnover, and his "stuck in Iraq" blooper, convince him to stand for re-election in '08 rather than take his second run at the big prize, a lot of people hoping to run for his seat will be sorely disappointed.

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