I have it on good authority that the Healey camp expects to pull off an upset.


Just kidding! Seriously, at this point, all I can tell you is that David Bernstein and I will be hangin' with Kerry Healey and Deval Patrick tonight--in that order, thank goodness--and offering our reports later this evening. We'll also be weighing in on what goes down in this Battle for Congress that all the kids are talking about.

In the meantime, I'd like to share are some unsettling voting experiences. First off, when my wife and I went to vote this morning, we had a hard time identifying where exactly we were supposed to go inside Lynn English High School. Then, when we finally got there, the nice old lady who checked my wife in told her she wasn't on the registered voter list. After my wife was sent to some other nice old lady who was supposed to help her out, I gave my info to nice old lady #1. As she was looking for my name, I saw that my wife was on the list. Which prompted me to holler loudly to my wife, and her to come back to the check-in, and NOL#1 to chuckle amiably. See, it seems she didn't hear my wife's info correctly!

I know what you're thinking: "Well, what do you expect when you live in Lynn?" First, fuck off; and second, something even sketchier happened to a friend of mine in Cambridge. First, she had to give her name and address like three times to a confoundingly dense poll worker. And then--wait for it--my friend's roommate was GIVEN TWO BALLOTS. Just given them, for no reason. (She gave one back.)

Now, I'm sure that the Commonwealth is chockablock with voting venues where things have been humming along efficiently all day. Still, isn't that anecdotal evidence a tad disturbing?

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