Game theory

Let's think through the possible consequences of this new anti-Gabrieli attack ad, shall we?

Scenario 1: Democrats uncritically accept the picture of Gabrieli painted by Republican Kerry Healey, decide he's just out to make a quick buck, and decide not to vote for him on September 19.

Scenario 2: Democrats generally ignore Healey's ad when they vote next week.

Scenario 3: Democrats conclude that Gabrieli is the Democrat Healey fears most, and undecideds/weak Patrick backers/weak Reilly backers subsequently vote for him on the 19th.

Scenario 1 strikes me as unlikely. Scenario 2 is a possibility. But Scenario 3 seems downright probable. Which makes me wonder: what if Healey's actual goal is making Gabrieli's nomination more likely, not less?

Call me zany. But I think that's a real possibility.

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