Barrios: don't invade Cuba!

In case anyone was wondering, here's what the voluble state senator from Cambridge thinks about Fidel Castro's seriously irritable bowels and their consequences:

“Although he is almost eighty years old, Castro still holds tight control over Cuba and the Cuban people—never once relinquishing power in his 47 years as president.  Today’s news reminds us of Castro’s mortality, and makes us realize that the end of his rule may be imminent.”

His departure may finally mean free and fair elections in Cuba.  The future of democracy on this Caribbean island depends as much on our president as their president.  There will be pressure from Cuban-American political forces in Miami for a U.S. military intervention.  Democratic change in Cuba should be led from democratic movements within that country, not imposed by special interests in Florida.”

Hey, it's a better issue than Fluffernutters.

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