Christy gets the Heisman?

There's another NECN/Globe/WBUR/MassInc debate later this month--this one's focused on healthcare and education--but unlike the first debate put on by those civic-minded organizations, Christy Mihos wasn't invited. (Neither was Kerry Healey, but we all know she wouldn't have come anyway.)

What's the scoop, you ask? According to NECN's Doreen Vigue, nothing nefarious is afoot. "They're the only party that's going to have a primary," Vigue says of the Mass Dems. "So we want voters to get a clear look at their candidates in this debate. That's not to say there won't be others...We look forward to having Mihos and Healey in another debate situation as soon as we can get them all together again."

Should Mihos be pissed? I'd say yes, if his performance in the last NECN, et al debate had been stronger. But based on what we saw of Christy's debating skills, he should probably be happy to sit this one out.
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