Mr. Moneybags

So, the Wonkish One says he'll spend no more than $15.36 million dollars during the Democratic primary campaign for governor. (Kudos to Jon Keller for getting this first.) Here's the fun part--that's the percentage of the vote he got in Worcester!!!

Yes, that's a whole bunch of cash. But Gabrieli probably won't end up shelling out that much. The state's Office of Campaign and Political Finance requires Gabrieli to set a cap, not a target--and there'll be no penalty whatsoever if Gabrieli spends, say, five million bucks.

Basically, Gabrieli had to pick a number that points up his superior resources, but doesn't make it seem like he plans to simply buy the Democratic nomination. He accomplished Goal #1 today; I'm not so sure about Goal #2.

But enough talk! Give me your predictions about what Gabrieli will actually spend, and when the dust settles in September, I'll send whoever was closest one (1) copy of John Adams: Party of One, by James Grant.
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