Bonifaz's two cents

There's some kind of campaign-finance joke in there, but I'll leave it alone.

Anyway, on this day of big fat spending caps, here's what secretary of state candidate John Bonifaz, who's challenging incumbent Bill Galvin, had to say. (Incidentally, Galvin capped himself at $2.9 million earlier today.)

Bonifaz Criticizes 3Gs

Takes on Gabrieli-Goldberg-Galvin Limits

BOSTON – John Bonifaz, Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, who defended the Massachusetts Clean Elections Law against a Legislature that turned its back on the voters it represents and refused to fund the law, issued a statement today criticizing the spending limits set by the three Gs: Chris Gabrieli, Deb Goldberg and William Galvin.

“I am deeply disappointed with the news today of the outrageous spending limits set by Chris Gabrieli and Deb Goldberg, as well as what we expect William Galvin – who did not opt into public financing – will set later today.

“This is not the kind of politics that is consistent with the core values of the Democratic Party. This is why so many people do not participate in the political process. This level of money in politics drowns out the voices of people at the most grassroots level.

“And this is why I am running for Secretary of State and why I defended the Clean Elections Law. We can do better in Massachusetts. We can and should be a model for the nation, rather than another example of auction-block politics open to the highest bidder.

“This is further proof that we need to have a fully-funded public finance system with spending limits. A model system, like those that exist in Maine and Arizona, would be fully-funded and level the playing field in all statewide and state legislative races. Voters are tired of the skyrocketing amounts of money in our elections.”

Bonifaz is also co-counsel in a pending US Supreme Court case on the issue of the constitutionality of mandatory campaign spending limits. Bonifaz is helping to defend a Vermont campaign spending limits law that presents the first opportunity in 30 years for the nation’s highest court to revisit the question of unlimited campaign spending. A ruling from the Supreme Court is expected by the end of June.

The first candidate to officially declare his candidacy for Secretary of State, Bonifaz launched his campaign last December. He founded the National Voting Rights Institute in 1994 and for over a decade has been a powerful voice and dedicated leader working with people throughout Massachusetts and across the country to protect the right to vote, demand a full recount in Ohio, overhaul the nation's campaign finance system and broaden citizen participation in the democratic process.
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