Curioser and curioser

I love this crazy Second Suffolk action! Samiyah Diaz may not be the best extemporaneous speaker, but she's ready to do her damndest to keep Dianne Wilkerson off the Democratic primary ballot:

SOUTH END- - State Senate candidate Samiyah Diaz has filed a formal objection at the State Ballot Commission to block Senator Wilkerson’s attempt to be listed in the September Democratic Primary ballot.  Wilkerson initially was 37 signatures short of the 300 certified signatures required to be listed on the ballot.  Wilkerson then sought a formal review at the City Election Department which resulted in additional signatures being certified, leaving her only 9 signatures short from being listed on the ballot.  Wilkerson has the option to seek Superior Court order to have the remaining 9 signatures certified by judicial review.

The Diaz campaign today released city election documents that show that most of Wilkerson’s newly-certified signatures were of voters who first registered after the May 2 deadline for nomination papers to be submitted.  If Wilkerson does not pursue a Superior Court case to have the remaining 9 signatures certified, the Ballot Law Commission objection will be dismissed.  If Wilkerson does proceed with a Superior Court challenge, Diaz’s objection will be heard as part of the lawsuit.
And that's not all. Samiyah Diaz also helpfully informs readers that another Democrat, "Sonia Diaz," is looking to get on the primary ballot too:

News of Diaz’s ballot challenge comes as Democratic staffer, Sonia Diaz, has filed papers with the Office of Campaign and Political Finance to prepare her own write-in campaign for the Democratic nomination. (Copies of the voter records are attached to this press release as pdf copies).

What's with the gratuitous reference to a possible opponent? I thought for a while, and got a dull headache, and then I realized: the more Samiyah D. can do to blur the lines between her and "Sonia Diaz," who's actually Sonia Chang-Díaz, the better off she'll be in the event of a Diaz-Chang-Díaz general-election fight. (See how confusing it gets, with the hyphens and everything?)

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