Patrick's got a brand new blog

And it could be pretty slick. I'm especially taken with the rapid commentary feature, but I'm a  technological Neanderthal, so what do I know?

Here's the press release from the Patrick camp:

BOSTON—Thursday, April 6, 2006—The Deval Patrick campaign today launched a new audio/video blog on its website.  Called "The Source," the unique new blog (available at will deliver timely and rich multimedia information directly from Deval Patrick, the campaign, and also from visitors to the site. 

One of the blog’s features allows users to download video and audio files of Deval onto their iPod. People can then listen or watch the program anywhere. For example, they can listen to a speech given by Deval while riding the Commuter Rail or show a video of him to their friends while meeting for coffee.

"The Source allows Deval to reach out to people directly through video and audio messages and information," said John Walsh, Patrick's campaign manager.  "In addition, it encourages people to join in the discussion. The video and audio capabilities also allow people across the state to see and hear from Deval on a regular basis and to send in their own information."

Some of the key features of the Source:

·        Media created by supporters. 
Visitors will be encouraged to send in their own content (videos or audio files) to the campaign.  For example, people might send in testimonials, questions for Deval, or their own thoughts on the issue of the day.  "The goal is to actually encourage commentary from our users," said John Walsh.  "If the content is good, we’ll put it up."

·        Rapid Commentary from Deval
When Deval feels he needs to comment on the news from the day, he will be able to quickly record an audio or video file and deliver his message.

·        Podcasts and ipod/MP3 player support
The Source’s Podcast is available on iTunes or via any other Podcasting system.  Users can download video and audio files of Deval onto their iPod. They can then listen or watch the program anywhere. 

·        On the road posts
Deval will be able to create new entries while traveling across the state.

·        Traditional blogging capability
As with traditional text-based blogging, users will be able to comment and discuss the content that appears on The Source.

"The Source’s multimedia capability gives Deval a powerful way to reach out directly to his supporters.  It also gives people an easy way to introduce Deval to their friends and family," said Charles SteelFisher, Patrick’s director of New Media.

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