Johnston responds--plus, why rent when you can own?

Is the Democratic party chairman really siding with Tom Reilly in the great tax-return fracas of '06? Maybe not. Here's Johnston's response, via .08 Acres, to Jon Keller's suggestion that he (Johnston) is teaming up with Reilly on this issue:

For the record, Scot [Globe columnist Scot Lehigh] asked me about this issue two weeks ago in a general context. I have a long history on this one, having released my income tax returns in all 5 of my campaigns for the legislature. Also, it was a major point of contention between me and my chief opponent in my 1996 run for Congress. While I certainly do not intend to talk about this issue unless asked, I also do not intend to pretend that I have no position after 32 years of espousing one.

I've offered my take on the tax-return issue elsewhere, but here's one additional thought: if the personal is political--and I agree with Keller that it is--does Reilly's insistence on renting an apartment all these years suggest a troubling lack of financial acumen? I rent, too, but it's sure as hell not by choice.

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