Scot + Tom 4-ever!

Okay--what's the deal here? Globe columnist (and Phoenix alum) Scot Lehigh usually treats political matters with admirable cynicism. But when it comes to Tom Reilly, he gets all gushy. The latest example: today's piece on Reilly releasing his income-tax returns and urging the other candidates for governor to do the same.

I'd like to see the returns myself, actually. But Lehigh's exploration of the issue is weirdly uncritical. He doesn't ask, for example, if there's anything problematic about Reilly working to turn socioeconomic class into a campaign issue. In fact, Lehigh actually makes himself complicit in Reilly's effort by lauding the AG for living in the same Watertown apartment he's rented since 1990:

"'We are happy here,' [Reilly] says. "I don't need any more than this."

That's Tom Reilly: a lone stoic in the gubernatorial field.

Along with "The Boy from Springfield," Lehigh's January hymn to the AG's humble roots, this one should be listed as an in-kind contribution on Reilly's OCPF filings.

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