The blue moods of Mitt

Interesting confession from the governor, fresh off his impressive finish in the Southern Republican Leadership Conference presidential straw poll, at today's Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce breakfast:

"...I look back over my experience, and every time I change jobs, I feel depressed for about the first six months. I think I have made a big, big mistake. When I got into law school, when I was there, I said, 'Oh my goodness, this is unfortunate.' And then I went to the Boston Consulting Group, and I said, 'Oh, this is not a good fit.' And then I went over to Bain and I said, 'Oh, this is really a bad fit.' When I went to the Olympics, I said, 'Oh, this is a nightmare.' Just one after the other."
And you thought Abe Lincoln was glum!

Now, to be fair, Romney went on to say that his first six months as governor were funk-free. (In fact, he "loved it from day one.") But what if that was an anomaly? After all, voters might not want their next president to spend half a year moping around the White House.
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