He said what?

Did you read all the way to the end of today's Globe story on Christy Mihos's decision to run for governor as an independent? If not, you missed these tidbits from Mihos's appearance at a Massachusetts Biotechnology Council forum yesterday:

"Mihos was the last gubernatorial candidate to speak. After giving his wife, Andrea, a peck on the check, he strode to the microphone and promised to be brief by saying, 'My wife says I'm awful fast, so I'll try to stick to that.' The joke prompted groans from many of the 400 people in attendance.

"Moments later, Mihos noted that he had been married for 31 years; he joked that he married his wife when she was 5 years old. ''That will get me points tonight, too,' he said to awkward silence.

"After the event, Mihos was asked by reporters about his wife having told him in the past that she didn't want him to run for public office.

"'She made a deal,'Mihos said. ''She said, "You can do whatever you want as long as I can have a new wardrobe." It's going to cost me more to fund her wardrobe than it is to fund my campaign, I think.'


This should be interesting.

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