Romney's savvy abortion strategy

Important point about our governor's ever-changing views on abortion: by indicating that he'd sign the incredibly restrictive abortion bill just passed in South Dakota, Romney isn't just changing his mind for the umpteenth time. He's actually taking a more conservative position than the LDS Church.

David at Blue Mass Group thinks it's odd that Romney is using abortion (and gay adoption, apparently) to aggressively woo the very evangelicals who'll have a hard time geting over his Mormonism in the '08 Republican primaries. I'd say there's nothing odd about it. Assuaging evangelical concerns about his faith is clearly a top priority for Mitt--and should be, given that group's influence in the national GOP. Breaking with the official LDS stance on abortion could be a good place to start.

There's a weird parallel with John F. Kennedy here. In 1960, Kennedy told the Greater Houston Ministerial Association that his Catholicism wouldn't interfere with his ability to govern the country.  Now we've got Romney using abortion to send a similar message to the religious right.

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