Politicians who annoy

Kudos to Boston Online for updating its list of the 64 most annoying Bostonians. Judging from the early responses, an inordinately large number of nominees are going to be politicians. And why not, really?

The thing is, there are so many politicians to choose from that it's hard to keep them all straight. So let's do this as efficiently as possible. I'll act as a clearing house for Adam G of Boston Online, if readers of this blog give me their picks for

A) The most annoying US senator/congressman from MA;
B) The most annoying MA politician elected statewide (e.g., governor, LG, AG, etc.);
C) The most annoying county officeholder;
D) The most annoying state senator;
E) The most annoying state representative;
F) The most annoying Boston city councilor;
G) The most annoying political staffer in Boston (thanks, Paul).

Do one, do three, do all seven--you're the boss! But please, take the high road. No nasty ad hominem attacks, people.

To get the ball rolling, I propose Rehoboth state rep Phil Travis for category E. Or maybe Marie Parente--I can't decide.

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