Mitt to evangelicals: give me a chance

So, our governor was down in the Palmetto State this week, doing what he does best--i.e., selling himself with a vengeance. (I'm sure he banged on some corporate doors, too.)

Today, S.C.'s The State has an interesting write-up of an interview with Romney, who's clearly made dispeling evangelical concerns about his Mormonism a top priority. To wit: "I believe Jesus Christ is my savior. I believe in God. I’m a person of faith and I believe that’s the type of person Americans want."

Also, check out this intriguing discussion--from a Mormon perspective--of how Romney's religiosity could play out in '08. The conventional wisdom has evangelicals reflexively shunning Romney because of his faith, but blogger Scott Hinrich argues (compellingly, I'd say) that that may be too simplistic. Bear in mind, too, that the national Mormon network could be a tremendous asset for Romney in a presidential campaign, as I pointed out a few months back.

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