• December 23, 2008
    By Mike Miliard

    Quite an off-season for the MFY this year, eh?

    Didn't they do something similar six years ago?

    Look at it this way: with more than $400 million spent on just three guys so far (soon to be four? why not?!) and vast riches already committed to many others, they'll sure be sorry when the economy finally implodes! And then the schadenfreude will be delicious.

    Right? Right?

  • December 12, 2008
    By Mike Miliard

    Eh. Not the biggest fan.

    I mean, I’m hardly some sanctimonious history prude, averse to any change whatsover.

    But nor do I believe in change for change’s sake (or for the sake of moving more merch in the team store).

    I just happen to think the jerseys — especially the primary road uniform — are really bland.

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  • December 05, 2008
    By Ryan Stewart

    Bring it on, Hal and Hank

    Buster Olney reports that the Red Sox are scheduled to meet with CC Sabathia next week (that's a subscriber link). Olney seems to have no idea what the Red Sox are doing, which at least is honest. We have no idea either, frankly, but that's not going to stop us from speculating.

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  • December 01, 2008
    By Ryan Stewart

    L - R: Clay Buchholz, Justin Masterson, Michael Bowden

    This is not news by now: the Red Sox are likely to need a catcher for the 2009 season and beyond. There are options: Varitek could return, they could import a veteran like Bengie Molina or Pudge Rodriguez, Josh Bard could make his triumphant return, they could trade for a youngster from another team who's available, or simply call up George Kottaras from Pawtucket.

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