Eh. Not the biggest fan.

I mean, I’m hardly some sanctimonious history prude, averse to any change whatsover.

But nor do I believe in change for change’s sake (or for the sake of moving more merch in the team store).

I just happen to think the jerseys — especially the primary road uniform — are really bland.

Unlike most of the commenters on SoSH, I have little problem with the "hanging Sox" on the alternate caps. It’s a nifty logo, and it'll only be used once in a while. But that gray jersey with the bland (off-center?) navy blue lettering and boxy numbers on the back looks really drab. It could use a bit more detail or piping or something to make it pop.

Never mind that it's retro in all the wrong ways. Brings back distressing memories of Stanley on the mound and Buckner at first. As a commenter wrote on “Let's look like we did on Game 6 in 1986. Get rid of that stuff we wore ... while winning 2 World Series.”

And as for that ketchup-red disaster of an alternate home jersey? The less said the better.

Actually, scratch that. Paul Lukas puts it perfectly: “How do you make the American League’s worst jersey even worse? Remove the placket and sleeve piping, so it looks even redder than before. Still can’t believe such a smart franchise can wear such a stupid jersey.”

Indeed. I don’t mind the navy alternate roads so much, but really just don’t get the team’s abiding fascination with this brash vermillion hue.

As one SoSHer writes:

The team is not called the Reds, or the Red Jackets, or the Red Shirts. It is called the Red Sox. No claim is made to own the color red or to be distinguishable by general redness. The Sox are red. Arguably, claiming distinction by dint of red socks implies that the rest of the uniform is not red. And I would argue that the rest of the uniform should be mostly white and blue. But the socks are red. You wouldn't usually say, "oh those guys, they have red socks" if everything else was red, too - you probably wouldn't focus on the socks in particular.

Speaking of which: where the @#$% are the red socks?





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