Happy Columbus Day


Yes, it appears this series may be destined to be a long one.

One hopes so, at least.

Despite the Sports Guy’s incredulity that the run-up to the 2008 ALCS was “like getting  ready to watch Floyd Mayweather fight Jonathan Lipnicki for the welterweight title,” these are two well-balanced, well-matched, and close-scoring baseball teams.

The first game was a marvel of snare-tight efficiency.

The second was a let-it-all-hang-out sorta affair.

(I much preferred the former.)

So what shall this afternoon’s contest bring? Maybe some combination of the two?

Time will tell. It’s a privilege that I’ll be at Fenway to find out. I’ll be posting crappy photos taken from the right-field grandstand later this evening. (Assuming, that is, that the game doesn’t still last until 1:30 a.m.)

In the mean time,

Do I hope Jon Lester, on this bright and clear afternoon, can do what he done did to the Angels? I certainly do.

Do I pray that David Ortiz will remember that Tim McCarver is quite wrong, that a walk is nowhere near as good as a home run? Fervently.

Do I wish Josh Beckett was back to his old self? More than you can possibly imagine.

Do I hope never to see Mike Timlin pitch in a playoff game again? Sadly, yes.

Do I wish Alex Cora wasn’t in the line-up? Sort of.

But do I believe we can win this thing? You betcha.

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