Chin up, Los Angeles/Orange County metro area!

Don’t have much time for a long post today, but amidst the celebration, as we debate our rotation and size up the competition (good to be reminded that Lester is 3-0 with a 0.90 ERA against the Rays this season), I did want to extend some condolences.

To Mike Scioscia, for having his shrewd small-ball tactical maneuver blow up in his face.

To John Lackey, who, one must understand, is only lashing out in anger.

To the Rally Monkey, who not only was hung in effigy, but, worse, was compared to Sarah Palin.

To Curt Schilling, who, to judge by the timing of this announcement, apparently finds it difficult not to be the center of attention.

And, lest we forget, to the partisans over at, who are now forced to watch two of their least favorite teams compete for the pennant.

Says one pouting pinstriper: “I came to the realization last night that picking a team to root for in this series was like trying to pick someone to root for in an arm wrestling match between Hitler and bin Laden.”

That can only mean that this is gonna be a good one.

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