Shy and retiring

They just can’t seem to seal the deal. Sorta starting to remind me of Obama in the primaries.

Hopefully the same won’t hold true in the World Series and the general election, respectively.

(Incidentally, the Sox still have a 11.16 percent chance of winning the division, says Baseball Prospectus. And Nate Silver, who made his bones at BP and has since branched out into politics at his excellent site FiveThirtyEight, has sifted through the polls, crunched the numbers, and weighted the data all appropriately, and seems to suggest things are looking up for Obama.)

In the mean time,

* Johnny Pesky gets his number retired this weekend. Terrific news. Well-deserved. No discussion.

* And how's this for a place to retire at the end of every weary day?

Wanna buy Big Papi’s bed? Opening bid is $2500 and all proceeds benefit Boston Health Care for the Homeless.

Frankly, I’m surprised a King Size is big enough.

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