Been better

Eh. Not quite the result I was looking for, Timmeh.

Moving on.

About this Schilling thing?

Just. Shut. Up. Already.

Seriously, what is the point at this point? Manny is kicking ass and taking names in Los Angeles. Curt is designing video games in Maynard. This is all old news. Whatever happened to live and let live?

Also, what he said:

As a fan, I could care less if a guy is impossible in the clubhouse, on the plane, in the hotel, at team meetings, whatever. If he delivers between the lines, I want him to be in the lineup. Similarly, I could care less if another guy is really nice. If he can't hit, pitch, field, run better than another guy he should be glued to the bench, traded or cut. Mr. Nice Guy is getting paid a LOT of money to watch more productive players play. He should be happy with that instead of whining to the manager. I'd rather watch the Sox win with a few jerks on the team than lose with 100% nice guys. The goal is to win championships not field the all-Nice Guy team. Let's not lose the reason why you get to cash those checks. It's not because you pick up after yourself in the locker room.

And the manager is getting paid to win games, not to win the Miss Congeniality Award. If he jeopardizes team success because he consistently rationalizes playing his favorites over better players, he should be fired so he can pursue his true calling; being Activity Director on a cruise ship.

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