PHX Student Survival 101: Five Greasy Spoons for Delicious [and cheap] Morning After-Dates

No matter where you wake up Saturday morning, if the bump-and-grind was good enough, you better take that booty to breakfast. And if you checked out our picks for failproof first date spots, then we're guessing (hoping) that you managed to score yourself a booty to breakfast with. But don't break the bank: here are five essential breakfast spots where the two of you can gorge for under $20 while letting the bright light of day help you decide if you two have anything in common past the old horizontal shuffle and a shared love of eggs and cheese. 

Brighton Café

1. Brighton Cafe

Spent a fuzzy evening wooing a drunken co-ed over cans of Busch Light at Scary Ann's last night? Well, first off, you're both going to need a shower...and maybe a vaccine. But if you two found love in a soap-less place last night (helpful hint: don't touch ANYTHING in that bathroom. You've been warned) you're going to be hungry. Stop by the Brighton Cafe and chow down on inexpensive egg sandwiches, burgers, and homefries. more

Steve's Kitchen

2. Steve's Kitchen

Come bleary weekend mornings in Rock City, the majority of the 'hood can be found wandering around in search of a food-based hangover cure. Most end up with bad pizza or a belly-full of wings for their troubles. That's why we're glad that there are diamonds in the rough like Steve's, which serves up cheap, cheap, cheap eats that are both delicious and greasy enough to stave off that creeping hangover (and that creeping sense of dread over the dubious decisions we made the night before.) more

The Breakfast Club

3. The Breakfast Club

Whether you brought home a Molly Ringwald or a John Bender-type last night, you'll both delight over the post-coitus edibles at this Allston/Brighton favorite. They've got a huge --and affordable menu-- with omelet options galore and suitably corny themed breakfasts like "The Dork" and "The Jock." more

Brookline Lunch

4. Brookline Lunch

First of all, Brookline Lunch is not in Brookline. It's in Cambridge...Central Square to be exact, and it's our pick for prime cheap, post-nookie noshing after a night spent grinding up against some special someone at Middlesex. They make their own hot sauce and jam at this family-owned Middle Eastern joint, where both the menu and the trendy ambiance are interesting enough to convince your date you've got more going on than just those killer dance moves. more

5. Forest Hills Restaurant

Whether you found true love or a truly good one-night-stand last night, you can't deny the siren call of a cheap breakfast. Re-fortify with this JP hole-in-the-wall, which has most plates of standard but satisfying breakfast eats going for around six bucks. more

And for more tips on how to get out of college alive, check out our Student Survival Guide!

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