PHX Student Survival 101: Five Failproof First Date Spots a/k/a You Will [probably] Get Laid

You don't have to have a dud date. 

Welcome back to Boston, kiddies! Now that the second semester is in session, it's about time you grew a pair and asked out that hottie in your psych class/at the gym/lurking around the bar every weekend at the Model who you've been scoping out in silence for the past four months. It's only going to get colder around here (seriously, it could snow here in May. You think it won't?) so you'd best find a warm body to get you through the next few months. May we suggest a few of our carefully selected, (almost) failproof first date spots? We can't be there to keep you from blowing it by talking about your ex-girlfriend/your hemmorhoids/your super-fandom of S Club 7, but we can help you start things off on the right foot.


Surrounding yourself with classy, moneyed sophisticates is a great way to fool your date into thinking that you too are a classy, moneyed sophisticate. Because you know who gets laid, more often than not? Classy, moneyed, sophisticates. Your ruse won't last long, but at least there's a chance you'll scam your date into the sack before they figure out what a classless peon you really are. Not that we're endorsing tricking people into sleeping with you or anything. more


If you're both new to Boston, you won't forget your first Red Sox game, even if you just spend nine innings making fun of the drunken North Shore mooks. Big hint for those of you who hail from parts out-of-town(read: New Yawk)....don't wear your Yankees apparel to the game. There's nothing less sexy than watching someone get their ass pounded by a bunch of drunk, angry Sox fans on the first date. more


Monday and Tuesday "Cheap Date Nights" at this trendy but casual spot are $40 per couple. Sure, that's not as cheap as, say, bringing a girl to the Silhouette and feeding her 'Gansetts and free popcorn (though that corn is delicious) but we're pretty sure the rewards will be worth the extra cost. The CARNAL rewards, that is. more


It's tranquil, it's pretty, and there's no chance of your roommate bursting in. Though we don't exactly recommend groping your date on a park bench. There are families about, after all. If you're a large cheeseball, you two lovebirds can go for a ride in a swan boat. If a watercraft shaped like a giant bird doesn't get those panties dropping, than what will? AREWERIGHT? more


Skip the megaplex and show off your film savvy by taking your date to see a cult classic at this nonprofit theatre in Harvard Square. They also host author appearances and other events that might interest a more intellectually-inclined date. Plus, every so often they host free screenings (check online for updates) which makes for a really cheap date that doesn't include PBRs or Big Macs. more

And for more tips on how to get out of college alive, check out our Student Survival Guide!

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