Impromptu 350th birfday bash for Centre Street, anyone?

Image courtesy of Jamaica Plain Historical Society

CENTRE STREET, the unofficial main drag of bohemian Boston borough Jamaica Plain, turns 350-years-young on this day according to this Patch story by Abby Jordan.

While reading A Record of the Streets, Alleys, Places., Ect., in the City of Boston for some unfathomable reason, a gentleman named Michael Reiskind observed that January 19, 2012, marks the 350th anniversary of Centre's construction. The story also states that until 1825, Centre Street went by the handle “Middlepost Road.” I am totally scoring retro-cool cred by calling it that from now on.

Photo courtesy of the Boston Fire Museum

Cheers to 350 more years of the roadway upon which we walk on to get to Boomerangs, City Feed, the Purple Cactus, Galway House, Centre Street Café, Fat Ram’s, the Video Underground, Brendan Behan Pub, the Whitehaus, and this place which I’ve heard is fantastic for pocketing handfuls of “one-per customer” samples of free cheese. For a contemporary perspective on JP, scope this video for its unofficial theme song penned by its unofficial mayor.

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